4 nifty features

that make managing your transportation easy

Of course, our TMS has all the basics covered... and TMS+ offers you even more possibilities.

But want to know exactly why our tool is different? And which features make us stand out the most?

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Flo 4 nifty features


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4 nifty features explained

1. One interface, all modes

Imagine ONE interface, to not only manage, but also monitor all your transportation flows. 

No need for separate spreadsheets to cover ‘edge cases’, keep track of incidents, follow up on missing documents ...

Imagine logistics teams actually enjoying managing transportation ...

  • 1 tool for multimodal shipments: TM+ Multimodal
  • road, ocean, rail, air, LTL, FTL, parcel ...
  • supports all incoterms

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2.  Integrated chat: no more emails & phone calls

Put down the phone, close your inbox, log out of Excel.

Say goodbye to using Excel sheets, searching for phone numbers and sending countless emails. Who has the time for that? No one, that’s who. 

Start chatting on the shipment level directly in the platform and have all the relevant information at your fingertips.

  • integrated chat on shipment level
  • chat with colleagues and external partners
  • all communication is logged


3. Visibility, all the way

When truly embedded in your daily operations, real-time visibility gives you superpowers.

But visibility is more than just knowing where the shipment is. It’s also about knowing the customs status, having an overview on all legs of the journey, costs transparency, etc...

  • Sixfold / Logit One natively embedded
  • Automated milestone management
  • Visibility-driven workflows
  • Integrated with customs
  • And that's not all



4. Complete transparency for your customers

Your customers deserve to know where their goods are.

When your operations are transparent and visible to everyone., it’s easy to open up a window towards your customers.

Our Customer Portal allows you to share:

  • a full live tracking of your shipments
  • or just status updates (you choose)
  • all within a fully branded portal



5. Much more cool stuff

So yeah, we're pretty proud of the features mentioned above. And there's more where that came from.

Go check it out for yourself by clicking the links below:

TMS Essentials (the basics)

TMS+ apps (more advanced stuff)


TM+ Ocean



Imagine ONE tool to manage and monitor ALL of your transportation modes

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