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Without any data sharing between shipments over sea, rail, road and air, managing them is like trying to pass information on to your aunt’s cousin’s husband’s step-niece. In logistics, you can’t afford not knowing the status of a shipment, whether you’re managing a single mode of transport or many.

SupplyStack has recently launched TM+ Multimodal, an app that offers critical management capabilities of shipments of all modes with direct connections to freight forwarders and shipping lines. So now you can get the complete multi-modal picture without worrying about your aunt pinching your cheeks.


Multi-modal logistics capabilities: Keys to the supply chain future

In shipping terms, the world has become a global village. Successful transportation management means having the right tools to deal with multi-mode transport scenarios: automating and accelerating international shipments from planning to booking to execution, and consolidating or splitting transports over a multi-modal trajectory. This can all be done through a single interface. Think of it as one big happy logistics family.


One single interface

When planning multiple modes of transportation, shippers often need to use multiple apps for each mode. To add to this inefficiency, most TMSs are not able to properly manage and track shipments across multiple transport modes. Imagine planning a family reunion on the moon and trying to coordinate arrivals/departures to and from Earth by way of Venus and Mercury and the big black hole and you have the current way multimodal shipments are operated.

Now it’s possible for shippers and carriers in the world’s largest transportation network to manage all transportation modes at scale, regardless of complexity through a single and unified portal. Our TMS makes it possible to manage all modes in a seamless integration, meaning you can have a complete overview of your shipment at all times, regardless of which leg or vehicle/vessel it’s on.


Automating boutique multimodal flows

Not all multimodal scenarios are created equal. Some of our customers have boutique needs, meaning more complex transportation flows: less-than-FTL, parcel (because we know how important it is that you get your granny’s hand-knit Christmas socks) and groupage. We help them manage shipments with over 50 stops and continue to track delivering on the article level from parcel providers.

This support for parcel flows and last-mile deliveries adds extra layers to the planning and execution cake. And, it goes without saying that it increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves customer experience. This allows shippers to better manage incidents as well as understand not just where a shipment is but the status and next steps, without wasting time looking for information.


Complete information flow

If you can manage the transport over ocean, rail, road and air while managing the complete documentation and information flow, you’re playing a winning logistics game. Having the right info at your fingertips on time allows you to plan better and be more economical in shipping.

Basically, with TM+ Multimodal, we’re making it possible to know where your aunt’s rocket ship is so the party can begin on time. You don’t want the rest of the family grumbling about her chronic lateness, especially when they’re hungrily eyeing the shrimp canapés. Stitching together transport over different legs and modes also makes it easier to factor in cost and sustainability objectives.


Real-time visibility

Having lots of different tools to help plan and monitor different modes of transportation inevitably leads to poor visibility between stakeholders. This happens because there’s usually a shortfall in coverage when switching modes. Instead of receiving visibility data divided into legs, you can now see the whole picture, from factory, to port, to road to customer. Real-time tracking for the entire transport journey makes it super simple to react to delays.



Today, a lot of attention is aimed toward ocean, as it has become unpredictable and cumbersome to manage. That's why we are redefining the way ocean flows are managed. In an international shipping context, what this looks like is having full visibility on the inbound ocean leg from Asia into Europe, the journey over land to warehouses, and the last leg on to the retailers.

With our integration with LogitOne, visibility for ocean vessels is embedded just like on the road side. Receive port/terminal milestones as well as GPS coordinates and updated ETAs. Real-time tracking with Sixfold provides shippers with truck positions and ETAs, meaning shippers can anticipate delays and act accordingly. This allows for total visibility for our shippers across pre-, main, and on-carriage shipping.


red and blue cargo ship on body of water during daytime


Making shipments easier from orders to tracking

SupplyStack’s one-stop-shop solution makes complex orders simple. It’s a very flexible order model that’s very easy to split or consolidate, from material orders to transportation orders. And these can be created manually or be driven by API.

What’s more: the app supports all incoterms. There’s also integrated customs visibility and automated milestone updates.



Want to know more about TM+ Multimodal and how it can help your logistics team stop feeling like they’re in a family feud?

Reach out: we’ll be happy to help make their jobs easier. 

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