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We recently won the 8th CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence Award for being a top solution provider. Handed out to companies who demonstrate stellar customer-related projects, we took it home this year for our innovative and flexible solution for one of our consumer electronics customers.

TEG The Events Group gave us the nod for our end-to-end supply chain visibility using TMS + Control Tower.

Naturally, we were chuffed. Not only because of the recognition and exposure it brings us, but also because it’s very validating to know we’ve done a good job.

What we did for our customer

As a global player, our customer has a substantial and complex supply chain with a large range of stakeholders across different continents and time zones. They turned to us to help them digitalize their transport management for both the internal supply chain organization, as well as external parties like carriers or suppliers.

We went beyond simply allowing them to see what was happening in their supply chain. We optimized their visibility data by offering a continuous stream of data that enriches the TMS with contextual information and introduces a whole new level of automation wherein events trigger specific, tailored workflows, and offer alerts and updates.

Why we were chosen for the award

Since our customer has operations all over the world, each continent and region has its own way of working. Using our TMS + Control Tower, they were able to adapt their transportation flows and processes to act locally in the most ideal way without needing to check numerous systems. We see this single interface as a must-have for logistics infrastructure, both to navigate the increasing number of exceptions, and to be able to handle unpredictability and volatility effectively and inexpensively.

Our solution creates a way for our customer to be instantly notified when there’s an issue with a delivery. But it’s not just an all-in-one visibility tool that monitors transport orders in real time. It’s a full-fledged modern TMS. Real-time visibility just happens to be one of the core capabilities.

How our solution improves logistics as a whole

We’re happy that we’ve been given applause for the added value we created for our customer with our solution. In fact, we’d like to think that our solution raises the bar for the industry across the board. Because ultimately, what’s good for one customer is good for everyone. It’s important that everyone in the logistics sector is rethinking the way they manage transportation. By shaking up the TMS industry using automation and modern apps, we’re giving shippers the chance to truly redefine transportation management.

With our solution, logistics people can thrive at what they do because it leads to increased efficiency, cost reductions, improved logistics service and a better customer experience.

We’re all about people. Whether it’s our customer or our customer’s customers. Any way we can make logistics workers lives easier is what we aim for. And that gives us something to strive for. This award helps get the word out about what we stand for and how much effort we put into solving our customers’ transportation management issues.

Thanks guys. Looking forward to participating in next year’s event.

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