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Visibility is a broad term!

For chemical companies who are dealing with complex and/or dangerous shipments, there can be real added value found throughout the supply chain when real-time visibility data complements a supplier’s existing information.

The market has shifted as traffic conditions worsen, chemical storage capacities remain stagnant, and customer expectations increase, so we explore how real time visibility can work for a chemical company to help solve these and many other challenges when integrated properly.

We measure the value that can be gained for an organisation who successfully integrates real-time visibility into their processes and show how your supply chain and logistics can actually become a competitive advantage. Integration of real-time visibility isn’t always a seamless process though, so we dive into some of the common challenges suppliers face as they work to make the shift themselves.

Legacy systems, a lack of collaboration between the many parties involved in the supply chain, and slow technology adoption rates by carriers are just a few of the potential chemical companies could face. Despite the difficulties, we offer some creative solutions to these and other problems that may arise during the implementation process.

We conclude with a look into the process for determining a strategy that will work for your unique organisation. Working with the right company that will help provide an integration strategy that works with your systems and your people is critical.

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