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VIB/PICS Supply Chain Project of the Year 2019

26 November 2019
Transport Management

VIB / PICS Supply Chain Project of the Year 2019

We were excited that our SupplyStack / Sony Interactive Entertainment project was selected as finalist for the VIB/PICS Supply Chain Project of the Year award.

But competition was tough. The other finalist’s covered different areas, but nevertheless they had impressive projects. However, one common thread throughout all projects struck me: it’s all about people

I know, it’s a hollow concept - but let me explain what I mean. Everybody is talking these days about digitalization, industry 4.0, and new technologies like blockchain, AI, real-time visibility … But it ain’t just about technology. At a recent event one presenter mentioned: “Digitalization is 20% about technology, 30% about processes and 50% about the people and the people’s mindset”. 

50% about the people. Couldn’t agree more. 

So we’re thrilled that we have been selected as the winner of the “Project of the year” by the audience
This really means a lot to us.

300+ highly experienced supply chain professionals reassuring the journey Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe embarked on together with SupplyStack is the way to go.
We believe that the way transport is managed today is transforming, and the concept Transportation Management System (TMS) as we’ve known it is coming to an end. 

The era of modern TMS’s introduces a whole new way of managing transportation. Making it smarter, more transparent and collaborative. Transportation isn’t just about costs. It’s increasingly becoming an important ingredient in differentiating yourselves from your competition.

And last but not least - huge shout-out to all the people involved in the project:

  • Michael Ahner, Head of Logistics Europe at Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Berrie Broeders, European Transport Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Lotte Vanden Wyngaert, Senior Project Manager at SupplyStack
  • Yannick De Coster, Head of Customer Success at SupplyStack