SupplyStack joins Transporeon

Let's “Bring transportation in sync with the world”
and empower the people that move freight globally.


We’re super excited to share some big news with you. We joined Transporeon on it’s mission to “Bring Transportation in Sync With the World”. Combined we offer the most comprehensive Transportation Management Platform to efficiently move freight across the globe, in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. 

SupplyStack’s smart Transportation Management apps extend Transporeon’s capabilities into multimodal and part load transportation and give their network of connected shippers, freight forwarders and LSPs the tools they need to survive in today’s logistics world of exceptions. 

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For those who don’t know us

SupplyStack’s modern Transportation Management apps are shaking up the TMS industry, giving shippers of all sizes the opportunity to truly redefine the way they manage, monitor and automate their multimodal transportation flows. 

The SaaS platform makes logistics professionals thrive at what they do, leading to increased efficiency, cost reductions, and improving the overall logistics service and experience towards their customers. 

Currently, numerous leading brands, including Sony, Stena, DHL, Duracell, and Atlas Copco, are relying on SupplyStack’s TM apps to manage their logistics and transportation flows on a daily basis.


What’s in it for you? 

Gain the tools to win at the logistics’ game of exceptions

  • Use the world’s largest connected transportation network
  • Combine it with the smartest Transportation Management Apps
  • Manage and monitor all your multimodal flows in one single interface
  • Benefit from a modular platform and choose the apps you need


Make your people thrive

  • An impressive UI - designed for people, not data
  • Streamline collaboration between systems, teams and people using advanced workflows
  • Automate up to 80% of your transportation management processes 
  • Make visibility actionable, as a company-wide capability rather than a feature
TM+ Ocean

Make your customers smile

  • Manage incidents before they turn into emergencies
  • Extend visibility towards your customers with a branded Customer Portal

Want to know more?

On Thursday 20th January, Nick Poels - CEO of SupplyStacks - and Stephan Sieber - CEO of Transporeon - explained how it all came together. Watch the recording below.

Fireside chat 
Jan. 20th 2022

How it all came together

SupplyStack CEO Nick Poels and Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber explained how the synergy between both companies works. 

Moderated by Eric Johnson, senior editor at the Journal of Commerce.

Watch the recording below.

HubSpot Video

About Transporeon

Transporeons mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world.

They power the largest global freight network of 1,300 shippers, 100 large retailers plus 130,000 logistic service providers and carriers. They execute about 100,000 transports per day on our cloud and tender about 20bn freight volume per year – 60% land, 30% ocean, 10% air. The Transporeon platform enables transparent supply chains and efficient processes for all participants. They easily connect and collaborate as Transporeon facilitates interoperability. Matchmaking algorithms bring supply and demand in its equilibrium – in real-time.

Further, Transporeon optimises route and resource planning to avoid empty runs and waiting times. Their tools and services are available in a modular way. They cover market intelligence and benchmarking, freight procurement and rate management, transport execution, dock scheduling and yard management, tracking and visibility, freight settlement, payment and audit. They are fully GDPR-compliant including a data lake for automated decision-making support based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Transporeon is headquartered in Ulm, Germany, and maintains seven regional offices across Europe, Russia, Asia, and the US with more than 1,200 employees.

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