Modern TMS

The new way of managing transportation:
Complex shipments, simply managed,
while reducing costs and increasing
your logistics service.

For shippers looking beyond cost savings.
Stay on top of what is happening and
take your logistics service
to the next level.

Standalone or connected

Bring order to the warehouse chaos.
A welcome relief for warehouse manager,
carriers, and customers.

Why SupplyStack

The shift in business strategy that will change transportation management.

Why your aging TMS is harming your business.

What makes us different from the competition?


No more trucks queuing at your warehouse 

Effortless Time Slot Booking
for you and your carriers

Let carriers book slots in no-time and notify warehouse operators when trucks are running late. No more on-site congestion with restless
drivers and overworked warehouse managers.



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Let carriers book an appointment in 1-2-3

Easily collaborate with your carriers by introducing self-service slot booking where your carriers have the flexibility to schedule appointments at the most convenient time for both.

Benefits for your carriers:

  • Easily book an appointment
  • Punctual (un)loading times, no more waiting time
  • Flexibility to adapt, when delays occur
  • Free for your carriers

Anticipate what's (not) coming

You can create a perfectly balanced schedule for your warehouse, but the reality is: it’s outdated the moment the first truck doesn’t show up.

By combining in-transit visibility and accurate ETAs of incoming trucks, SupplyStack’s Time Slot Booking provides key insights for your warehouse managers so they can avoid the dominos to keep on falling.

Some key insights:

  • Overview of all incoming trucks with accurate milestone management

  • Alerted whenever a truck is running late

  • Dynamically reschedule a free slot to a driver who’s arrived early


Less stress, more productive

How can you level out (un)loading peaks throughout the day?
It’s simple. Using Time Slot Booking you can map out your maximum capacity in a transparent schedule, giving your carriers a clear overview of the remaining open slots. Need flexibility in opening hours? No problem, using different templates you decide when you’re open. Peak season? Sure, just open up some additional slots in the schedule.

Everybody happy:

  • Drivers that adhere to their scheduled slot will be served without waiting time
  • Warehouse operators have a balanced workload throughout the day
  • And carriers can plan trips more efficiently because they know when their drivers will leave your (un)loading facility

Not isolated but integrated

Logistics is a team sport, and Time Slot Booking is designed for winners. Integrated with your TMS, WMS or real-time visibility providers, we give carriers, drivers and operators access to your schedule in real-time. No more spreadsheets, sending emails or making those frustrated ‘what do you mean, you’re running late??’ phone calls.


Get started in minutes with
our Time Slot Booking Software





No installation, no fees, no functional limits.

Simple, honest, affordable pricing

No carriers are harmed or charged when slots are booked
  • Cloud-based
  • Free for carriers
  • Get started in minutes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, hello Time Slot Booking! Just start, no integrations required.

  • Includes 250 slots / month
  • Extra usage: €0,40 / slot


  • Flexible Time Slot setup
  • Capacity management
  • Carrier self-service portal
  • Analytics / Dashboards
  • Alerts

*Billed annually


Synchronized Time Slot Booking with your TMS and embedded real-time visibility & ETA's.

  • Includes 1000 slots / month
  • Extra usage: €0,60 / slot

Everything in Standalone, and:

  • Fully documented API
  • TMS/WMS connectivity
  • Real-time ETA synchronization
  • Automated Slot Assignment

*Billed annually


Same as "Synchronized" - but with additional Enterprise Services and Setup.

Contact us
  • More than 10,000 slots / month
  • Tailored pricing: Let's talk

Everything in Synchronized, and:

  • Guided onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Success Expert
  • Advanced roles and rights
  • Unlimited locations