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Introducing TM+ Multimodal


The world of logistics is going crazy, and we’re building the tools you need to regain control.


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Ocean pro? Come aboard

TM+ Multimodal redefines the way you manage multimodal flows. But today, a lot of attention goes into ocean, as it has become unpredictable and cumbersome to manage.

That's why we are redefining the way ocean flows are managed. And the best solutions are conceived in close collaboration with you, the industry.

So feel free to sign up for our ‘ocean expert panel’. Join the journey and share your thoughts with us.


 How is TM+ Multimodal different?


One interface - all modes

Imagine ONE interface, to not only manage, but also monitor all your transportation flows. No more disconnected spreadsheet to cover ‘edge cases’, keep track of incidents, follow up on missing documents ...

Imagine logistics teams actually enjoying managing transportation ...

  • 1 tool for multimodal shipments: road, ocean, rail, air
  • Manage and share all ocean related documents
  • Supports all incoterms

Visibility, all the way

Real-time visibility only brings value when truly embedded in your daily operations. TM+ Multimodal is fully integrated with Sixfold and Logit One, providing real-time visibility for all road and ocean flows.

But visibility is more than just knowing where the shipment is. It’s also about knowing customs status, does it require clearance, ...

  • Sixfold / Logit One natively embedded
  • Automated milestone management
  • Visibility driven workflows
  • Integrated with customs

Collaborate, without email

No. More. Emails.

Ok, ok, you’ll still send emails, but automated ones.

TM+ Multimodal is designed for people, and with flexible roles you determine what people can do, and see. Want to give your freight forwarder acces? No problem. Want customer service to see just the shipments that need attention? Sure thing.

  • Workflow automation
  • Integrated chat on shipment level
  • Advanced role management for a tailored experience

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Are we missing out on something? Sign up for our ‘ocean expert panel’, join the journey and share your thoughts!

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