Modern TMS

The new way of managing transportation:
Complex shipments, simply managed,
while reducing costs and increasing
your logistics service.

For shippers looking beyond cost savings.
Stay on top of what is happening and
take your logistics service
to the next level.

Standalone or connected

Bring order to the warehouse chaos.
A welcome relief for warehouse manager,
carriers, and customers.

Why SupplyStack

The shift in business strategy that will change transportation management.

Why your aging TMS is harming your business.

What makes us different from the competition?


TMS Essentials

Hassle-free transportation management system.

Implemented in weeks, not months.




SupplyStack Analytics


Automate your



Automate the boring, so your people can focus on what really matters.

Unify all your multimodal shipments on one single platform,
and replace repetitive, manual tasks with reliable, data-driven processes.


Automate up to 50% of your manual work

Save up to 15% on freight spend

Up to 40% savings
on extra charges

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The nr 1 reason for investing in a TMS: Cost savings

Although the scope of transportation management isn’t limited to reducing your freight spend anymore - it still is by far the number one reason to invest in a TMS. Keeping on top of your freight spend can be complex as it spans different stages in the transportation process. From negotiating the rates with your carriers to making sure the invoices match with what you have initially planned, and everything in between.


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From simple A-B to complex multi-modal shipments

… and everything in between. SupplyStack is designed in a way that you can manage your complex transportation network with one single interface. FTL, LTL, groupage, intermodal, parcel - or any combination is supported. Save time and reduce mistakes by not having to log in to different systems or manage your parcel flows ‘on the side’.




The right load
for the right carrier

Using SupplyStack’s Dynamic Carrier Selection algorithm you no longer need to worry about assigning the shipment to the most appropriate carrier. Based on different allocation settings you can decide to select the cheapest carrier, allocate based on volume, service level or launch a spot load request within your contracted carrier base. 



Seamless collaboration with your partners

Collaboration is key. SupplyStack’s Flexible Workflows allow for a hybrid way of collaborating with your logistics partners. Smaller carriers might have limited technical capabilities, and prefer to receive shipment requests using SupplyStack’s Smart Emails or SupplyStack’s Carrier Portal. But your larger carriers or freight forwarders demand to send the transport order via APIs directly into their system. 


Seamless collaboration

Do you want to take your logistics to the next level?

TMS Essentials

Different modes, simply managed. 
Affordable TMS that’s easy to set up, integrate, and manage.

All the essentials you need to automate your transportation process:

  • Advanced rate card management
  • Dynamic carrier selection
  • Extra Cost approval process
  • Guided consolidation
  • Carrier integration
  • and much more!



All the essentials, and more.
A modular TMS, for your unique needs. Compose your own technology stack with our premium modules.