Modern TMS

The new way of managing transportation:
Complex shipments, simply managed,
while reducing costs and increasing
your logistics service.

For shippers looking beyond cost savings.
Stay on top of what is happening and
take your logistics service
to the next level.

Standalone or connected

Bring order to the warehouse chaos.
A welcome relief for warehouse manager,
carriers, and customers.

Why SupplyStack

The shift in business strategy that will change transportation management.

Why your aging TMS is harming your business.

What makes us different from the competition?


Managing transportation
is not just about
managing costs anymore...



Moving freight is a collaborative effort, make sure everyone is on the same page so all can contribute in keeping the flow of goods moving.



Transportation is a game of exceptions, give your teams the necessary insights to act swiftly before small issues become big problems.



Supply Chains are shifting from product to customer-centric. Meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and introduce the B2C experience into your B2B environment.


Highly Automated

Supply chains are run by people, backed by technology. Let technology do the boring stuff so your people can focus on more strategic tasks at hand.

Transportation Control Tower


A transportation plan becomes obsolete the moment you click save. The future of moving freight is now more than ever characterized by exceptions. 

Resilience has moved up the priority list in every board room.
Prepare yourself for these turbulent times ahead.




Monitor. Monitor. Monitor.

We live in a world of data-driven logistics. Integration with other systems is key in supporting the people that orchestrate the supply chain.

SupplyStack’s CORE layer is capturing all relevant events from several systems. It’s like your central nervous system, sensing what is happening in your transportation network.

data driven logistics

Meaningful conversations

Transportation is a collaborative effort. A huge amount of time is lost searching for information, copy pasting shipment ID’s, sending emails and making phone calls. SupplyStack’s integrated collaboration capabilities allow you to chat on shipment level with your colleagues or logistics partners. Advantage? Well first of all, you don’t have to explain the context, and secondly, all communication is logged on shipment level.


Fix what you don't see

Using SupplyStack’s configurable alerts you can define what events you want to be notified about. Do you want to be alerted when shipments ETA is exceeding the scheduled time, or when documents are missing, or a carrier rejected a shipment? It’s up to you to decide!


Integrated Visibility

No More Siloes

Visibility as such will bring you zero value when it’s not integrated into your TMS. SupplyStack’s Control Tower TMS creates a holistic overview, enriching shipment information with ETA’s, milestone updates, status updates, and more. Providing your teams with an invaluable context to keep the flow of goods moving at any time.

image (25)

Advanced Analytics

See the bigger picture


Transportation - A game of exceptions

Transportation doesn’t sleep. Wouldn’t it be great if your people could start their day with an up to date overview of the current situation while sipping from their favorite coffee? 

SupplyStack is designed for people. Every person contributing to keeping the flow of goods moving is different. Not only in function, region or culture, but also as an individual. 



With SupplyStack Home Screens -
everyone can create their own
operational dashboard, giving
them a personalized view on
what is important for them.


80% of shippers has no real-time window
on the operations and are in continuous firefighting mode.



Real-time Insights

Immediate insights into operational performance. Not only in last months data, but real-time, when it matters the most. Analyze yesterday's performance to improve today's. Measure today's performance to avoid incidents.


Drill down to the details

Yes, that's right, you can not only see the KPI, but click through to the actual data to pinpoint what is causing the issue. No more after-the-facts, ETL, cubes and Business Intelligence complexity.


Customize with drag & drop

And obviously, as you can expect from a modern TMS, composing your SupplyStack Home Screens is a matter of drag & drop. No need to involve IT!

Customer Portal

Open up a window to your customers

Once you have internal transparency and visibility and you have operations under control, it’s time to open up a window towards your (internal) customers. You define what to share and what not to share. Just status update? Fine. Or some customers might want full breadcrumb trail of their shipments, you’ve got it covered.

customer-portal (1)

Freight Settlement


TMS Essentials



Invoice Matching

Increase your invoice accuracy and save on average 3% on your freight spend with SupplyStack’s advanced Invoice Matching solution. Still receiving paper invoices or PDF versions? No problem, we’ve got you covered. And once everything matches, we’ll send all the relevant information back to your ERP or accounting system for payment processing.



Increase in invoice accuracy